Fitness Friday
Fitness Friday Need to Knows:
Students go to the HMS track during their specials time to run or walk with their classmates so they can earn laps towards their class score. The class that has the most laps at the end wins the Fitness Friday trophy for the whole month!

Students are expected to bring their own water bottles out to the track with them if they want water during Fitness Friday.

Parents and loved ones are encouraged to show up and participate during their student's specials time! For security reasons, we ask that parents/loved ones don't enter the gym anymore to hear the tally of scores. Parents/loved ones typically say bye to their students at the track.

September 1
October 28
November 18
January 27
February 24
March 31 (in combination with our Fun Run)
April 28 

7:50 - 4th grade 
8:55 - 5th grade
10:00 - 3rd grade 
12:10 - Kindergarten
1:05 - 1st grade 
2:00 - 2nd grade