Classroom Expectations 


In order to guarantee that your child - and all students in our classroom - have access to an excellent learning climate, we will utilize the HES Soars Behavior Plan:


Students are

On task

Accepting of others

Respectful to adults and the school



  1. Praise
  2. Special individual privileges - such as trading in C/R chart stamps
  3. Special class activities or rewards
  4. Positive phone calls or notes sent home

Consequences for Conduct:

  1. Reminders for minor disruptions
  2. First Offense - Check on C/R chart (loss of daily stamp/stickers)
  3. Second Offense - Another check on C/R chart and a recess consequence
  4. For repetitive or severe behavior infractions, we will implement steps adopted from our district-wide behavior intervention plan, which will include a parent phone call

In second grade, we pride ourselves on being extremely positive.  We feel strongly about focusing on students’ positive behaviors. This helps avoid many potential discipline problems.  We believe that positive reinforcement is the core of good discipline.


Our Class Rules 
1. Respect Yourself
- Do your personal best and participate.

2. Respect Adults
- Follow directions in the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, and playground.

3. Respect Others
- Use kind words. Allow others to learn. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

4. Respect Heritage Elementary
- Take care of our building, furniture, classrooms, iPads, and equipment.

** Students have the opportunity throughout the day to earn tickets for good behavior. Students will be able to trade tickets in for fun rewards and the treasure box.