Welcome to Fourth Grade!



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Welcome to Fourth Grade! We are doing many exciting things this year.
Our main subjects of study are Language Arts (Reading, Writing, and Spelling), Math, Science, and Social Studies.

  Ms. Brauer and Mrs. Ray will share students,
while Mrs. Buchanan and Mrs. Osborne will share students.   

Language Arts

The children participate in rich literature experiences. We want our students to think deeply about what they are reading. We will study all the different genres of literature through the lenses of readers as well as authors. We will be analyzing text to revise and edit grammar and word choice, as well as big concepts and themes.

Fourth graders learn the entire writing process. They will be writing personal narratives as well as personal expository pieces throughout the year. By the end of the year, they are writing experts!

There are many exciting skills we will be learning this year. Some are multiplication, division, and decimals. We also focus on problem solving, measurement, and fractions. The students participate in many hands on activities to explore the concepts.

This year, the fourth grade students will be participating in a lot of hands-on activities. We'll learn about properties of matter, force and motion, life science, electricity and more. The students love visiting the science lab for experiments. 

Social Studies
Texas History is the focus of Social Studies this year. This includes the regions of Texas, cultural groups, and economy. We will examine the war for Texas' Independence, annexation to the US, the Civil War's effect on Texas, and identify many notable figures throughout Texas History.

*Please note, some of the above approaches will be revised as necessary due to COVID-19 precautions.