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Where do I start? I guess I should start from the beginning. It all started on a warm, sunny, Sunday on the First of May in Fort Worth, Texas when my parents brought this beautiful baby girl into this world! Oh, not THAT early?! Well, then I will fast forward many years.

I have been in education for many, many glorious years and GT for most of that. I started teaching when I was 10, I assure you. ;) The time has really flown by so quickly. I received my Bachelor's in Science degree from "The Harvard of the South", which would be Texas Christian University if you are not familiar with the term. I worked my tail off and graduated in three years. That is why you will not see me with a tail nowadays. Plus, I was not born with one. That is neither here nor there. I went on to receive my Master's in Science degree from "The Harvard of Denton", or The University of North Texas". I have six Texas Educator Certifications. They are Early Childhood - Grade 4, Grade 4 - Grade 8, English as a Second Language, Special Education, Principal, Gifted and Talented. I have taught grades 2nd - middle school, and have held various specialist positions.

I have a great family! My parents made me who I am today (you can really blame this all on them). I have three sisters. Bonnie is in Dallas, Jenny is in Oklahoma, and Missy is in Ohio. Between them, they have given me 4 nieces and 4 nephews that range in age from adults to toddlers. They have also given me 3 brothers-in-law who are great. Please do not tell them I said that.

I have a fantastic husband, Mark. Mark graduated from Oklahoma State University, also known as "The Harvard of Oklahoma" as well as "THE State University of Oklahoma". This man should be sainted. Matter of fact, I will contact the Pope and look into that. I think I still have the Pope's cell number. Mark is the world's best husband and dad. He loves his kids and his wife more than anything on this Earth, wakes up every morning with us on his mind every day, and works hard for us all day long. He would do anything for us. Our newest addition is, Harrison. He was born in 2018. Harrison is an absolute joy, witty, and fun to be around. He gets that from his mother. He is also persistent, a hard worker, and stubborn. I am not sure where he gets that last trait from. I am proud of my family. Well, almost everyone. We also have two Jack Russell Terriers, a girl named Maxie and a boy named Scrappy. They are often described by others as "lively", "spirited", and "Oh, gosh! The Connell's dogs are coming!!!". If you want a great laugh, come by and I will share a Maxie and Scrappy story with you. It probably will involve water, dirt, a dead animal, and a household carpet.

That pretty much sums me up. I am what we call twice exceptional. Really though, I am thrice exception if that was a thing. I am GT, dyslexic, and ADD. I prefer to read non-fiction books over fiction. My favorite color is purple. My pet peeves are mixed metaphors not following the only handle it once (OHIO) principal. My favorite place to eat is the Waffle House, but I also love Mexican food. I love Ocean Water from Sonic, Vanilla Lattes from Starbucks, and Dr. Pepper is my addiction. I would rather be hot than cold and Mark and I love to travel together. My favorite student is your child. That is a promise. Yours is my favorite. Hands down. I love my students like they are my own children.


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